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Custom Dress Shirts For All Us Misfits

Visitors to custom dress shirts site can design their own dress shirts. The shirts are entirely custom made according to each customers measurements and shipped globally free of charge. In fact, there are over seven trillion design combinations

Great for tall men

Since tall men like me always have problems with finding shirts that fit, going the custom made route is the best option. They are guaranteed to fit and the quality of fabrics is high.

Tailored shirts

Here’s an example of one of their customers taking measurements.

Design flexibility

ShirtsMyWay is what Converse and Nike offer for athletic shoes, just for business shirts. A user friendly website gives you full flexibility as to the look and style of the dress shirt. Choose any thing from  collars, cuffs  to the color of your buttonholes. I might get my shirt with “007” written on the cuff!

The two entrepreneurs behind this project came up with the idea. “Men Around the world wear shirts, they are not really happy with”, they thought. So they analyzed the market, set a strategy, and formed team that could “provide something extraordinary for businessmen”. The result is ShirtsMyWay, that has been satisfying customers around the world for more than 5 years. Prices start at $75 with free shipping.

The shirts are delivered in just 9 business days if you choose the express shipping option.

Try it out:

custom dress shirts1


The Art of Matching A Tie With A Dress Shirt

One of life’s minor mysteries: How to match your tie to your dress shirt? A simple starting point is: Customize your tie to your clothes, not your clothes to a tie!  Don’t just buy one because it looks good  it must play along with the rest of your wardrobe! In other words: go for versatility
It is not so hard to customize your tie to your shirt, as it may seem. The only thing it takes is a little understanding of color, pattern and scale. In order to make it as easy as possible, I’ve split this article into various choices of combination.


Solid shirt with solid tie.

shirt tie combo

The important thing to remember in this context is the tie’s color must be darker than the shirt (this doesn’t include black shirts of course).


The sure winner at this type of combination is to use complimentary colors. For example, a light gray shirt with a dark gray tie, or a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie.


Solid color on a pattern:

shirt tie combination

The most important thing about this combination is, to match the color of your solid colored tie with one or more of the colors in the pattern on the shirt, as seen in the image above.


Patterns on Patterns!

Many men (myself included) tend to avoid pattern with pattern formations, as they are afraid to look like this:

shirt tie patterns

But there is no reason to be worried about. Here’s 3 quick and easy-to-remember rules:

1. Avoid the same pattern, Yes, it is simple! Avoid dots with dots, etc.

2. Use different sizes of the pattern to avoid using the same size pattern on both the shirt and tie. As a rule of thumb, the pattern on your tie should be larger than the pattern on your shirt. 

3. Match the color of the tie with the predominant color found on the pattern of the shirt.


If all goes well it should look something like this:
shirt and tie checkered


The best fabric for a blazer: Summer edition.

In the summer there are plenty of opportunities to get a Blazer, but it is not always pleasant to have a blazer or a suit on in the heat of the summer. It depends, namely on the substance your blazer or jacket is made of, and how the fabric is woven. Some materials are cooler, breathe easier and are easier than others, and blazers of these materials will obviously function optimally in the heat. Let us look a little on what you should look for to find the best fabric for a summer Blazer.

Breathability keeping it cool

blazer fabric

One of the most important things in order to keep the body cool in the heat of the summer, is the naturally cooling effect of the wind. In order to benefit so greatly from this, your blazers substance should be an open weave. But how on Earth can you check this? It is actually quite simple; when you keep the material up to a light, you can see through the weave  also on the darker fabrics. Even if the material is of a slightly heavier nature it will still feel cooler than lightweight cotton. It is also wise to look at the lighter materials, since dark matter attracts the Sun’s rays and feels hotter.


The best fabric

The flax blazer summer

blazer for the summer

Flax is a classic summer material due to its lightness and its structure. However, there are few more disadvantages of flax. The minor problem is that it can be quite rough, which is not always appropriate depending on the type of summer blazer you want. The bigger problem lies in the fact that flax unfortunately wrinkles easily. There is not a long time before your new and delicious blazer looks like a joke. Linen Blazers fits best for leisure use and less formal occasions. However, you can find Blazers by a blend of either flax and cotton or linen and silk, so you still have the good properties of flax fabric as well as your blazer will not crease easily.


Cotton Blazer – Classic

cotton blazer

Cotton is a classic summer blazer fabric that wrinkles easily. But as with so much else, there is a myriad of cotton types, and not all are equally suitable for a summer Blazer. The most important thing you need to be aware of is cotton weaves. The easier you can see through the material, the greater the breathability will be and cooler would it be to have on.

Fresco wool Blazer the best fabric?

wool blazer

If you can find a blazer in fresco wool that you think is neat, you are well on your way to finding the perfect summer blazer. In order to keep it as simple as possible, the Fresco is breathable and cools you down. At the same time you can find a slightly heavier fresco wool, it won’t just be cooler than most other Blazers, the fabric will also drape well, unlike many other summer materials. However, it is worth noting that due to its cool features, a fresco wool blazer is not ideal all year round, it’s only for the hotter days.

Wool Blazer not a bad choice

wool blazer2

Plain wool is perhaps not the most obvious choice, and many connect wool with warm winter clothes. But wool can actually keep people warm and cold. Again, it is important to notice how tightly the fabric is wovenThe easier you can see through the wool, the better the breathability will be. At the same time, the wool has a nice look and feel to it, which makes wool Blazer a fine choice in business-casual contexts.

Seersucker Blazer

seersucker blazer

Seersucker is not widely used in Europe, but is quite popular in the United States when it says summer blazer on the menu. Seersucker has one lovely property like most other substances in this article the breathability is top notch. At the same time, the material (without going into technical details) is designed so that it more or less doesn’t wrinkle! It sounds like the ultimate summer blazer, however, it is worth noting that seersucker is often only available in a limited number of colors (often blue/white). The Seersucker Blazer is therefore not suitable for work or the more formal occasions.

Polyester, Nylon and Rayon Blazers

polyester blazer


Polyester and other synthetic materials are cheaper than the other summer materials. The downside of these materials is that they are not particularly breathable, in a humid or hot climate. The advantage (besides the price) is that these materials stretch easily, and is therefore good in terms of fit and comfort.