Martha Colburn at Issue Project Room

Posted by Lily Benson on October 11

Tomorrow, 10/12, Martha Colburn will be projecting animations with live sound at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. I haven’t yet seen her perform at a screening, but I have projected a bunch of her shorts on 16mm from the Film Maker’s Co Op, while curating a series called “Films on Film.” Her works are some of the most energy-filled and vibrant animations I’ve ever watched.

Her earlier pieces, like Cat’s Amore, are infused with lots of sexual imagery and pop culture references, while her newer pieces confront history and politics, like Myth Labs. Colburn’s aesthetic approach has remained constant though, as she compiles a zillion methods of drawing and painting with found images and also scratching directly onto the film. Because of her eclectic method of image making, her films are far far better enjoyed in their original format. Of course that’s usually the case, but the difference between film and video in this instance is quite drastic. So that means you should try and see it live tomorrow!

Martha Colburn @ Issue Project Room, 10/12/10, 8:00
Old American Can Factory, 232 3rd Street, Brooklyn


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