Two Text Videos

Posted by Dash Shaw on November 15

This is one I made earlier this year:

And here is a simpler one I made a couple days ago:

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  1. Suzan Colon says:

    As I might have said on Facebook, “Like!”
    Dash, have you seen Renaissance, the French film? Very different from what you’re doing with the ol’skoolstyle, but the animation is still beautiful, and the “making of” is pretty fascinating. NetFlixed it over the weekend and was glad I did. Link to trailer:

    Please keep posting. I get very inspired. Not that you should work harder because of that, but you know.

  2. Dash Shaw says:

    Thanks, Suzan. I remember starting to watch that movie and not getting into it. I will give it another shot, especially the “Making of”– I love “Making Of”s! There is a very long Princess Mononoke “Making Of” doc online and I like this particular segment a lot:

  3. Brett Harder says:

    That’s funny, I was actually going to post a link to that Mononoke documentary but I didn’t know if anyone else would find it as interesting as I did. That particular part is really inspiring though, especially the piece about animators venting their daily frustrations through their characters. I don’t know if your familiar with the independent animator Don Hertzfeldt (2d this time) but here’s an inspiring little time lapse documentary “Watching Grass Grow”-

  4. Brett Harder says:

    And on an unrelated note, I just remembered that I initially found out about Bottomless Belly Button through a recommendation that Hertzfeldt posted on his blog a while back… and now I guess he’s working on a graphic novel of his own when he’s not animating… I guess the two mediums go hand in hand.

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