Daily Drawing 80

Posted by Dash Shaw on December 22


  1. Ali Almezal says:

    How do you approach coloring now that your new roughing is all words? Do know what the colors will be in each scene while you are writing or does the knowledge of color come later?

  2. Dash Shaw says:

    Hey Ali, thanks for your interest. It starts with a script but then, based on that, I do layouts (that are sketches) and the layouts have color in them. I just do it with colored pencils and markers in the layouts. It’s not that different. Actually, now I like having a script first because then I can read the whole story as a finished thing and when I’m drawing it and coloring it I’m thinking “don’t fuck up the story.” If you don’t have the story/script all written out, it’s easy to get lost down unneccessary visual paths that fucks things up. At least it was easy for me. I’m sure other people feel differently about it.

  3. Ali Almezal says:

    I was wondering if you approach a colored page in a different way than a b and w page?

    Also, I read that using color has moved you away from other’s styles and developed yours. How has it developed your style?

  4. Dash Shaw says:

    Hey Ali, I think when I said that what I was trying to say was: I spent years and years looking at other people’s black and white drawings from reading black and white comics or just focusing on the line art. I didn’t do that with color. So I found working in color freeing because I didn’t have the baggage of all of the other people’s drawings I’d been looking at. Also, color pages are more about shapes while b&w is more about lines, and I just found that I thought clearer in shapes. It all felt more natural and intuitive for me. And if you’re in that zone with color it’ll improve your line drawing too.

    That’s my immediate response -I’d have to think about it further, how to articulate it, to adequately answer you.

  5. Ali Almezal says:

    Ok, thanks for the response. It was insightful to the creative process.

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