Motion Comics

Posted by Dash Shaw on December 30

Some of them aren’t so bad. It’s interesting to watch if you’ve read the comic and can see the choices they made. The Watchmen one is strange because the text appears while the voice-over reads it. Not all are like that.

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  1. Michael DeForge says:

    for some reason, i find it really funny to watch the tails of the word balloons follow the characters as they move around the frame

  2. Ali Almezal says:

    I think having both the text and a voice-over is redundant. Also, the word balloons are distracting from what the viewer should be focusing on, which is the scene.

  3. Dash Shaw says:

    Yeah, it’s weird. I’d like to know more about how these are done. It looks like they scan the original drawings and turn them into vector images. I don’t know much about that. Does that mean someone traces them individually? Or is there a program that does that? I donno…

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