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Posted by Dash Shaw on January 4

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  1. Brett Harder says:

    Hey Dash,
    Are those large storyboard pages in the first picture?

  2. Dash Shaw says:

    No, those are unfinished concept art pieces. This is one done:
    I did a whole bunch of them for different scenes so we know the tone of it, since storyboards are so sketchy.
    It’s fun to try to make them look “movie still”-like.

  3. Brett Harder says:

    I was thinking they looked a little too polished to be storyboards, they do in fact look like movie still drawings. It’s really cool how much “other” work goes into animation projects that isn’t used in the animation itself. It’s Miyazaki’s birthday today so I’m watching a bunch of Gibli stuff including that long Mononoke doc. and there must be thousands of extra drawings for that project alone. When your film is finished are you going to put the storyboard drawings and other exra stuff on the DVD?

  4. Dash Shaw says:

    Yeah, I love looking at all that other stuff too. I think a lot of animation production art, like that Miyazaki stuff, can stand on its own just as interesting drawings. I donno about the DVD– got a shit ton of stuff to do before I think about that. I think more of the production drawings will go on this blog, though. The purpose of this site is to host stuff like that, when I can get around to scanning them and deciding what to put up here. I like looking at animation production art, and I did a book Unclothed Man that had a bunch of animation art in it (storyboards, background, etc.) but I don’t think many people out there care about seeing that stuff. So mostly I think it’ll be on this site for free instead of on a dvd or in a book that people would have to pay for (or more likely NOT pay for.) This way, the few people who are interested will see it. Not many people care. Animation production art is shown even less frequently in galleries/museums than comic art originals. There’s very, very few people out there who are interested in looking at that stuff as drawings.

  5. Brett Harder says:

    Yeah, I liked the animation production drawings in the Unclothed Man book, I have no problem looking at that kind of stuff as standalone pieces. I guess it’s the kind of thing you gain an appreciation for if you actually do it.

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