Christian Marclay, The Clock

Posted by Lily Benson on January 22

Last night I went to see Christian Marclay’s exhibition at Paula Cooper Gallery. They are screening his video The Clock nonstop each weekend until February 19th. It is one of the most tediously assembled found footage works I’ve seen so far. The 24 hour loop is comprised of very short scenes from all sorts of films, all featuring clocks and time pieces. The time shown in the scene corresponds to the actual time of day. The gallery has been turned into a wonderful movie theater, so you can comfortably stay and watch for however many of the 24 hours you can endure. I was expecting it to be kind of boring since it’s just clock after clock, but each scene that was chosen was incredibly engaging and well sequenced.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

The Clock draws attention to time as a multifaceted protagonist of cinematic narrative. With virtuosic skill, the artist has excerpted each of these moments from their original contexts and edited them together to form a 24-hour montage, which unfolds in real time. While constructed from a dizzying variety of periods, contexts and film genres whose storylines seem to have shattered in a multitude of narrative shards, The Clock uncannily proceeds at a unified pace as if re-ordered by the latent narrative of time itself. Because it is synchronized with the local time of the exhibition space, the work conflates cinematic and actual time, revealing each passing minute as a repository of alternately suspenseful, tragic or romantic narrative possibilities.”

January 21 – February 19, 2011
@ Paula Cooper Gallery 534 W. 21st Street NYC


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