Posted by Dash Shaw on April 22

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  1. Ali Almezal says:

    Hey Dash, I recently finished Bottomless Belly Button, and noticed that there were a couple of things that were labeled colors (the red note, blue and pink sky). Why didn’t you color it if you were thinking about color during the process of making the book?

  2. Dash Shaw says:

    Hey Ali, thanks for writing. It’s hard for me to remember exactly, but the labeling refers to lots of things that aren’t printed– smells, sounds, sensations that suggest it’s an actual environment, as opposed to lines on a page (which of course it is.) This is a feeling you get from observational drawing or drawings based on photographs– there’s a feeling that something about it is real, or actually happened, even though it’s all fake. So the color labels were just a part of that. Of course, reading “blue wall vs. orange dawn” is different than just looking at it if I had actually colored it. It’s more interior, I think, or relating to one character’s perception. But I remember I tried coloring sections and it didn’t look right. I also spent a long time, months, trying to do a cover that had colors and it never looked right to me either. Although, the book is in color because it’s all brown ink.

  3. Ali Almezal says:

    Thanks for the response. I did notice that you did a lot of labeling, but for some reason, color popped out as unnecessary. Your explanation sums it up pretty well.

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