Posted by Dash Shaw on April 25

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Dash,

    In my “Animation Production” class, we have to give quick fun ten-minute presentations on our “inspirations,” and I am doing my presentation on you today!

    I am going to show one of your “Blind Date” drawings and explain your rationale for doing them (going outside “comfort zone” to get new ideas/perspectives, etc.). I am also going to show the trailer for “The Ruined Cast” and point out some of the creative “problem-solving” therewithin of how to animate tricky things, e.g. changes in lighting (the phone flash when the daughter photographs the escaped test subject) and water (the squiggly lines when the wife leaves the pool, the painted waves).

    I hope it makes you new fans and kickstarter followers. I also hope I don’t sound like a “fanboy.” Anyway, good luck with your movie.

    Your friend

  2. Dash Shaw says:

    Wow, Ben– thanks!

  3. tom says:

    i can’t wait for ur next comics . hope i can read it soon in france :)


This is a shared production blog for the forthcoming animated feature, "The Ruined Cast," written and directed by Dash Shaw. Produced by John Cameron Mitchell, Howard Gertler, and Biljana Labovic. Contributing artists are Jane Samborski, Frank Santoro, Lily Benson and Ray Sohn. Music by James Lucido.