Wheel of Fortune

Posted by Dash Shaw on November 26

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  1. Frank Santoro says:

    I was watching Wheel of Fortune and then i saw this – weird! This is great, haha – solve the puzzle!!

  2. Brett Harder says:

    Drawing out stuff like this must really help build up the library of gestures and movements you need for character animation. Dialogue-heavy scenes are probably the hardest and most tedious to animate if you’re trying to do them realistically. When I watch this (and your Blind Date episodes) I get the feeling that I’m witnessing someones cloudy visual memory of an event. Weird. By the way, are you still working on a new comic?

  3. Dash Shaw says:

    Thanks guys. Yes, I think the new book will come out in 2013. Comics and cartoons take a long time to make!

  4. Ry Russo-Young says:

    It’s amazing how each image you have serves as a placement for all the movement you don’t see. The drawings also have this ironic feeling too, satirical in a fantastic way!

  5. ZS says:

    You probably weren’t aiming for this, but this depiction pretty much serves as an damning indictment against capitalism itself! I was watching Wheel of Fortune over Thanksgiving with my mom (who loves the show), and the thought didn’t enter my mind, but presented in this context, the whole show is just fucking awful.

    “America’s Show”

  6. ZS says:

    Also, since I’m on here, I may as well post a picture of where my Ruined Cast/Kickstarter image is sitting:


    Can’t wait to see the final film!!

  7. Jim McMullan says:


    This is so full of energy and wit. It recycles the actual show in some mysteriously ironic way and it makes the voiceover really spooky.
    Your drawings are more confident than ever.

  8. Dash Shaw says:

    Thanks everybody!

  9. craig zobel says:

    Mark is my favorite. And when Sajak says “goosebumpy.” Why does this make Wheel of Fortune the funniest show you’ve ever seen?

    I actually used to do this thing as a drinking game with a friend where we’d look up old Wheel of Fortune answers off the internet and pretend the answers were movie titles. Then you have to go back and think up the plot of the movie… HOOK, LINE, & SINKER was a favorite of mine- totally a Tyler Perry movie.

  10. ZS says:

    Daaaaash, come baaaaack!!

    sorry, moment of weakness. But as always, I am really, really excited about the Ruined Cast.

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