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Wholphin 13

Posted by Dash Shaw on April 21

The volume of Wholphin that has Unclothed Man on it is now available.

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Unclothed Man on DVD in Wholphin Vol. 13

Posted by Dash Shaw on March 29

The 13th volume of Wholphin, the McSweeney’s quarterly DVD anthology, will have my 2009 IFC series The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. on it.  Thanks to Wholphin and IFC for doing this.

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Blossom Films

Posted by Dash Shaw on December 1

I directed the 10-second animated logo for Blossom Films, Nicole Kidman’s production company. It plays before Rabbit Hole. I did it with the same team as Unclothed Man: Jane and James on sound. It’s a painted watercolor animation that’s inverted on the computer. Here are some images from working on it: the storyboards, figuring out [...]

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Friday: Party Crashers in Arlington, VA

Posted by Dash Shaw on November 16

This is my contribution to the group show Party Crashers, opening Friday at the Arlington Arts Center.  The Unclothed Man cartoons are playing in an adjoining room. It’s 3 X 4 feet, cork board behind plexiglass, with an altered cover of The World of Ornament (Taschen) and Unclothed Man frames.

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Drawing Device Drawings

Posted by Jane Samborski on September 15

For the second episode of Unclothed Man:


Marker Animations

Posted by Dash Shaw on September 5
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This is the first cartoon I made, from 2008, for my Bottomless comic. I drew a lot of the frames at my friend Dave Kiersh’s house. 

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Pills Falling Sketches

Posted by Jane Samborski on September 3

These are sketches for the shot of pills falling in the first episode of The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.

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This is a shared production blog for the forthcoming animated feature, "The Ruined Cast," written and directed by Dash Shaw. Produced by John Cameron Mitchell, Howard Gertler, and Biljana Labovic. Contributing artists are Jane Samborski, Frank Santoro, Lily Benson and Ray Sohn. Music by James Lucido.