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Posted by Dash Shaw on December 12

This is 3 X 4 feet, corkboard and plexiglass with gouache paint behind the first 16 pages of The Social Network script printed onto acetate sheets. I never used to write scripts for cartoons because I thought film is a visual medium and so only storyboarding made the most sense.

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Shirin DVD Shorts

Posted by Dash Shaw on October 2

The DVD of Abbas Kiarostami’s recent Shirin is out and there are two “extra feature” shorts on it that, I think, relate to limited animation. They do in my mind at least. Under the cut I try to explain how:

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A Brief History Of True Chubbo

Posted by Ray Sohn on September 30

True Chubbo is a comic strip that my wife and I started many years ago when we were first dating, and has miraculously evolved into a something. I’m not sure what that something is or what it represents, but it’s grown right along with us. To put it simply, True Chubbo is a collaborative semi-fictionalized [...]

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Tadanori Yokoo Story

Posted by Dash Shaw on September 29
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Since Ray posted those Tadanori Yokoo cartoons, I’m going to tell my brief, moderately interesting Yokoo story:

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Blind Date 2

Posted by Dash Shaw on September 27


My comic short story Blind Date 2 appears in the forthcoming Mome Vol. 20 anthology. I drew it late last year. It’s the second Blind Date episode I’ve adapted. The first one appeared in an earlier volume of Mome and was later reprinted in The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. collection.

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Marker Animations

Posted by Dash Shaw on September 5
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This is the first cartoon I made, from 2008, for my Bottomless comic. I drew a lot of the frames at my friend Dave Kiersh’s house. 

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This is a shared production blog for the forthcoming animated feature, "The Ruined Cast," written and directed by Dash Shaw. Produced by John Cameron Mitchell, Howard Gertler, and Biljana Labovic. Contributing artists are Jane Samborski, Frank Santoro, Lily Benson and Ray Sohn. Music by James Lucido.